Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art

Words are forever as love and life, love is all that last forever

I knew you before I met you.  I see you even when you
are not there. 
I hold you as a butterfly, so tenderly beneath my care.
I wonder what it is that you feel when I appear. 
 Something like this is what mysteries are made of. 
When I see you I ask, who is this...
that I have much more than I can believe? 
I must be dreaming...maybe I'm asleep. Each time
it seems I'm turning inside out. My heart skips beats,
my tongue no longer speaks.
The joy has taken me away!  Where are we the moment,
when I awake with you? 
It seems life has come and gone...and now I'm found
in the beauty of a new day!
It's all a wonderful arrival, and to look upon your face,
I see why I have waited so long.  Now, I am forever
and endlessly, in the rapture of true happiness.
Being with you is where my discovery heart has no need for anything...but your love.
Copyright © 2005 Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art 

Seven  Days                                        


The Sunday rose that bloomed by the dawn of morning’s delight.

Monday, the sunshine and soft

breezes flow as the butterflies gracefully dance.

     Tuesday is fresh with the smell of jasmine in the air, the garden is rich

with color, and filled with the harvest.

Wednesday, I’m awakened by the sweet melodies

of the sparrows, like no other sounds, sung so nice.

Thursday brings the misty dew and evening rain...

Love showers and nourishes mother earth.

Friday is filled with rainbows, as the doves are

ascending towards the pure adorning clouds.

 Saturday is all aglow by the ocean shore, waves

like magnificent images of miracles...presence

of life’s strength and passion, comfort, peace,

                                  joy, beauty and endless wonder...

                                                   this is all Heaven 

Vannessa Garrett

                                                Copyright © Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art 2009

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