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Words are forever as love and life, love is all that last forever

   Words are forever as Love and Life...Love is all that last forever.


Hello! I am Blackbutterfly,   

I am a free-spirited woman; born again and free!  My journey has been from a small town to a large city, and I have found a very interesting place to live, to be creative and express my love for life.  Now, that I have arrived, this is the time and place to share my 'Blackbutterfly Words' with you.   I'm so excited about doing this, because it is so refreshing and good for the Soul!

I hope you will enjoy your visit to the Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art website.  It is such a pleasure for me to share poetry... of love, free-spirit and inspiration... to just be free and let the love and light shine on through words.  I appreciate your time, your being here...right here and now.   I welcome you forever to come; discover the beauty, peacefree-spirit and everlasting love...through words. 

Thank you for your interest and love for the wonderful art of poetry. I am so very grateful to all whom I may share. 

Thank you,



Thank you,










                                   Vannessa Garrett


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